Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cloud (#9) Computing and other Things

Ever since getting my new Acer Aspire PC, I feel like on Cloud #9, since it is a lot faster and more stable than the 8 year old PC that I previously used. Only disadvantage is Windows 7 being a memory-hog eventhough it is supposed not to... had to reboot after a month because 3 of the 4 GB of RAM were completely occupied already.../sigh.

Other than that, programs run smoother now, and i actually have enough processing power to use more than 2 applications at a time.

The whole week was particularly fun, and enjoyable, since I met (and hugged!) 2 of my favorite old people that I know through my work, and also managed to talk to one of my favorite young people on the online game I like and play the most.  :)

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