Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A beautiful day.. sort of.

From a personal point of view, my week has been pretty awesome, got to talk to a very dear friend of mine and met some nice people at my new work and even found 2 new Assange interviews. <3

From a political point of view, however, I am a bit...let's say...sad. Granted, I do not endorse terroristic activities and I even was one of the first people to write a song (sadly in German) against Osama BinLaden and against what happened on September 11th, 2001. But nearly 10 years later, I have my doubts. Firstly, was it really Osama and is gang who blew up the Twin Towers & Pentagon, or was it someone (someone hired perhaps?) to make it look like it had been done by the Taliban, but was initiated by true and blue Americans who wanted to hide a lot of debt (which could have been found in the destroyed wing of the Pentagon)? Then, actually not long ago, I was wondering, where the heck is that goat-lover (BinLaden) anyway, seeing as it had gotten rather quiet around him. So I looked and looked, and according to some sources, he had already been dead for a while. And all of a sudden, you get the news: "YIPPIYEAH THE USA KILLED BIN LADEN". (Now, I assumed that he had been long gone, so I wondered who did they kill, was it really him, or was it just something fake but something that encourages people to love the blood-shedding that the USA seems to be doing nearly every day). Alrighty, next day in the newspaper, big article, blablabla BinLaden blablabla no phone or internet blablabla...ok, so I figured, atleast BinLaden wasn't a "high-tech terrorist" (Joe Biden's favorite name for Assange).

One day further, and another newspaper headline, made me re-think the word and meaning of what a high-tech terrorist is, or could be. If Julian Assange is a high-tech terrorist for publishing truthful data, then what about The New York Times, etc? Or is Assange just a high-tech terrorist because he often is seen with a Macbook (maybe poor American politicians can't afford one, or heck, are even jealous of Assange's capability of having sex at all)? Am I the next high-tech terrorist because I bought myself a netbook which I use for the sole purpose of getting annoyed at Windows 7 (and eventually use it for photos and videos and music once I figured out how to decimate atleast 40 of the standardly running processes on it to make it usable)?

The newspaper headline & picture opened up to me who the *REAL* (high-tech) terrorists are, though. The headline was "Obama witnessed it live". The picture showed lots of high-ranked american politicians, including Obama, Biden, H. Clinton, sitting on their laptops and "watching" the BinLaden murderer.

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