Monday, February 21, 2011

How to save a world that does not want to be saved?

First off, I'm bored since the amount of news regarding Wikileaks/Assange seems to get smaller and smaller every day.

I usually try to be nice to everyone on this planet who also is nice to me and others. And technically, that shouldn't be a bad thing. Technically.... But reality looks different, and I sometimes even get ignored for being nice and helpful to others (others who actually do the same, who are nice and helpful to others). Because they (according to themselves) don't deserve to be treated nice, because they aren't "good" in their own view. But who defines what's good and what's not? And how can I show those people that they are good, and that they are worth it to be helped, made happy and cared about?

I just don't know...maybe I shouldn't care so much about others. But my heart won't let me. Nor would my brain. :(

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