Friday, May 20, 2011

Going (Wal-)nuts

Some days are simply best thrown away. Last Wednesday - which I was actually looking forward to - ended up with me being scared and worried because I didn't get to see who I wanted to see at work. Now, tha may sound weird, but let me elaborate a bit. I'm working for a care organisation which offers various services for elderly and disabled/ill people. And every Wednesday I am doing the house-cleaning for an elderly woman which I immidiately liked ever since my first visit there. (She is very very loveable, but also has gone through a lot of physical and emotional distress in her life - and she reminds me to 99% of one of my grand-aunts, on of those sweet and good people that you simply just want to hug when you see them, to show them that somebody cares). But this Wednesday - I came in at our dispatch place at work early in the morning - I got told that she didn't want any cleaning done today. I just got told that, but not the reason for it. So I went and finished the rest of my work for the day, and still decided to visit the lady. Came to the house, rang the bell, but no one opened. Waited a while then decided to run up to the 5th floor where she lives to see if maybe just the bell doesn't function. But no one opened either, and the  window-curtain was half-closed - normally it is open.

Now, I know that she doesn't go out a lot, due to various health problems, and due to not really having anyone who cares about her. So my assumptions are that she either 1) went to the city with a neighbor, 2) was feeling really bad and turned phone and doorbell off, 3) had to go see a doctor or hospital. Now, you can probably see why I am scared/worried. So I figured, yeah well, I shouldn't even be here today but, may as well write a message for her that I had been there (not for work, but in my own free time) to see if she was ok. I guess I won't know for sure until Wednesday, I hope I'll be back there then. I hope she is allright.  I hope I can visit her many more times and give hugs whenever she needs them.

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