Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Wiki-Leakin'

Don't you think it is funny that those US politicians who wish for the execution of Julian Assange have made a big deal out of the release of the diplomatic cables, but they have never denied the authenticity of those documents.

Also some would like to charge him for treason. But as the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, clearly stated: "It becomes laughable when you have elected officials like Mike Huckabee and these other people who state that this guy should be brought up and put to death for treason…but you can’t commit treason unless you’re a citizen of the country. He’s an Australian. How can an Australian commit treason to the United States?"

Others call him a hi-tech terrorist (presumably because some people have read about his hacking in younger years, but dialling into university/military/phone-company networks  in the 1980s with an amiga or commodore is not really terrorism now, is it?) And the way Wikileaks works is, that they only PUBLISH whatever documents they get submitted by people who (for which reason ever) would like to disclose that material. They don't hack into government systems themselves, because they simply don't need to do it. There will always be people who think "this is shit, this has to change" but may not have the power to change them on their own, but have relevant documents that could lead to a change if they were published. Those people then give those information to Wikileaks, who will publish them.

The real terrorists are however, those people who call for the assassination of others, who kill innocent people in war regions, and who live on wars in the first place.  Or to quote Julian Assange: "Well, let's look at the definition of terrorism...Terrorism is a group who uses violence, or the threat of violence, for political ends."

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  1. I agree with you!! He can't be done for treason and he hasn't done anything wrong. He has just published documents that were given to him!! Long live the Assange and I hope there will be more documents posted for years to come!!