Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year - or why it is close to impossible to mail (postal) mail on the 31st Dec.

Happy New Year first of all. :)

Notes: - kill the guy across the street who shot rockets out of hand, nearly got hit by one and definately got deafened there for a second.

- If you plan on buying (postal) stamps for such a thing like real life mail, do so BEFORE the 31st. Lots of places usually closed that sell them then, also going to the post office far off in the city can be quite exhausting if the following point is the case:

- It snowed. Snow turned to mud. It froze again. Streets and Sidewalks = messy place of slide-around, and since it hasn't snowed in a couple of days, no one cares about the sidewalks anymore in regards of clearing/throwing salt on them. So they are really really really slippery. >.<

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