Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 GTFO

Nope, I did not like 2015 at all. (Well fine, I liked that I was able to visit my sweet RoCkErX).

But generally, 2015 sucked donkey balls. In AT LEAST 2015 different ways, for all I care.

As you may have guessed already, I'm mad.

Mad at the fact that this year has taken an emotional toll on the man I love.

Mad at the fact that this year has taken its toll on my amount of heroes alive, for one thing. I mean, come on, I understand it was Sir Christopher Lee's time to go (93 is kind of a proud old age!) but really, why did "Rowdy" Roddy Piper have to die? He was still young, in comparison. And he was my hero since 1990 when I was 6. :(

Mad at the fact that just 2 weeks after getting the ONE good teacher at my elderly care course he gets into an accident.

Why can't the "powers that be" keep their filthy hands of evil AWAY from the people that I look up to, the people that are my heroes and the people that I love?!

Mad at the fact that every government and every company needs a buttload of paperwork, original ideally, to even help you with your wants and needs.

 So yeah, I hope this year ends without doing anymore damage to MY WORLD.

I don't care about every other world, but I want my world and the people in it to be ok.

So whoever is in charge....I don't care if you are God, Allah, Thor, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, Shiva, Hunab-Ku, Horus, Aphrodite,....please watch over the people in my world, and help them to get well and stay well.

Especially watch over the love of my life, Roger Michael Severson Jr. (help him to realize how much I love him, and that I will always be there for him).

Watch over the most amazing teacher in the world, Dr. Friedhelm Laag (help him to recover from his accident).

Watch over my family, and over myself.

Watch over the people I've met through the years in the Johnny Cash Forum and in World of Warcraft.

And for the love of god and all holy paladins, LET 2016 BE BETTER, ELSE I WILL GET REALLY MAD!!!

 Signed by:
A very mad
very sad

Magdalena Friese/Amy Wan-Jinn (yes, that's my Jedi name!)/Kryptos973281/EasyRider/GirlInBlack

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