Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mysterious Voyage of a Hidden One

Yesterday started like every other day in the life of a Hidden One.

After moving my ass out of bed, I decided to check my "special" websites if there's anything new. I found a new episode of the RT-Assange interview segments ( which made me wonder how he recorded it, seeing as a couple of days earlier, he decided to "flee" into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (And no, I have no clue what an embassy looks like from the inside, what if they have no showers, washing machines, etc? And do they?)

Nevertheless, atleast Julian does something to fill the summer slump, since nothing really exciting is happening anywhere (apart from cops around the world that REALLY seem to hate dogs; man, they should have become mailmen instead).

At 10:00 am I had a job interview, which didn't go as planned, but atleast the people at that place adviced me a specific direction that I should pursue, if the job-center allows it.

Back home I decided to sleep, as I didn't do it the night before, so after I had eaten my lunch, asleep I fell, til around 16:00 or so. Barely awake, I decided to log onto my guild's forums, (World of Warcraft guild, for that matter) just to find out that I was apparently kicked due to complaints of people about me.

Now, I am usually a very nice and friendly person, sometimes maybe too nice and too friendly. So people should have no problem at all to approach me normally and talk to me if they have a problem with me. But no one did. If people ever said anything, it were depreciating things, which I just ignore.

The guild I was in is one of the few 25 man guilds that try to keep on keeping on, but not doing too great at that. (I can count to potato, but guild can't count to 25, atleast, if you checked signups most days, which were varying between 18-23 people mostly).

I was told I got kicked because an officer had plans of leaving because of me. (An officer, that, believe it or not, literally ignored every whisper, be it on real-id or normal ingame whispers, that I sent out the past couple of months). Maybe he should have opened his mouth about what his issue is.

Apparently though, the reasons for wanting to leave are quite different. As found in 2 different applications, he wanted to leave because he was "Not getting the progression or quality of raiding I want for the effort I put in."

So saying he would leave because of me, is a blatant lie, seeing as I am usually in the top5 dps on any given fight in our guild. I also tried to put in suggestions for fights that I have already done, but my suggestions were mostly overheard, and people rather wiped 13 more times before even giving it a chance.

Now, the guild has some sort of communistic ways. Officers and guild leaders are above all, be it for mount or legendary drops. Anyone below officer rank is seen as inferior and "not trustworthy" because of what other members who were long gone did something in the past. Same goes for replying to new applications which we are not allowed to, due to someone spamming those in the past. (I mean come on, if another person of my class applies, and I see that jerk does not even use gems and enchants on his items, then heck, I have to point it out).

And then you have one of them rats (officers) applying to other guilds, just like that. Nice proof of trustworthyness.

So I packed my things and off I went to a friends' 10 man guild on another faction and realm. Maybe I should stick with 10 man. 25 man guilds are a dying breed, good ones particularly. (On a positive note, we defeated one of the hardest encounters in the 10 man guild today, after only a handful of wipes). While the 25 man guild that wanted me no more, kept wiping on the 3rd boss.

Later the evening, I decided to try and find the lyrics to a specific song that I heard a few days ago for the first time. Lyrics were nowhere to be found, so I tried to get them off (a site that visualizes the lyrics in the way their speech recognition program hears them) which, however, turned out WORSE than Google Translate.  (out of the line "get back" they made "gym bag", just to mention an example of how silly that is, seeing as "get" is spoken with a hard "g" while "gym" is spoken with a soft "g" (dʒ)). But then again, who could possibly say no to a 'salad bar'.

In closing of the day (45 Euros poorer due to the World of Warcraft related faction and server change, and at an account balance of  around 2 Euros now) I decided that it is time for a new month. But I'll have to wait a few more days for that.

Before passing out into bed, I'll check my e-mail and the RT site of Julian Assange aswell as the Youtube site of Santo Films ( for possible updates on the DI5H movie (an independant movie, based on a novel by Sonny Barger).

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