Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's me again, and this time I'll reveal my special plan for 2012.

Everyone seems to have a taskforce for something, be it killing Osama Bin Laden, be it about Wikileaks and trying to find out how to get them.

My taskforce, however, shall focus on something that's exactly opposite to the taskforces of the American government. Mine is created to make a BETTER WORLD. Which, when looking at it, is a heck of a lot harder than what the Ameircans do, but I'll do my best. :)

To make this our world a better world, we all have to help. That can be done in any way possible. Be it by helping your family/friends, helping people you know, helping anyone you can help - and with help I don't only mean moving mountains for them, but do even the smallest of things that make them happy. (Through my work I do this quite a lot, you'd be surprised what a hug or some nice words can mean to someone who is otherwise all alone!)

You could also improve this, our world, by inventing useful things. You don't have to invent an iPhone or stuff like that - but how about something like "anti-shock" (like they had for portable CD players back in the day) - just for mobile phones or other portables that use SD/microSD memory.

(Hey... one can dream!)

And now off you go, do a good deed, help someone, hug someone. Join TaskForce:BetterWorld today!

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