Friday, June 24, 2011

2 things that piss me off: the weather and GEMA

Today's weather was pissing me off in any way it could. Firstly, despite it being only 14.5C if you stood in a sunny place, it was so hot that you wished to be naked. Then cleaning a balcony in a 7 story house I was freezing from the wind up there. And short after getting off the bus and on the road to my next and final work-place for today, it started raining heavily.

The only thing that annoys me even more than our silly weather is our silly GEMA (German Society for Musical Performing Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) due to which I am incapable of watching nearly anything on youtube while being German/in Germany. (Sure there's ways around, but for some reason (maybe because I run fucking XP) my Tor quit working, and HSS puts a quite heavy load not only on my computer but also slows down the connection to the point that would make watching stream-videos close to impossible. Even more annoying if you actually own several versions of those songs played in the videos on CD/DVD/LP.

Now, in an ideal world, I would have a Mac instead of a PC for somewhat more stability and reliability and speed. In an ideal world, the only time Internet would be down is when there is a maintenance someplace.

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